The Best Beach Vacation Rentals in San Diego are in Mission Beach

Everyone has a favorite place to stay or visit while on vacation and beach vacation rentals in Mission Beach are rated as “the Best beach vacation rentals” in San Diego and California.

There are a lot of reasons for this including that Mission Beach itself is small (only 4,000 residents) since it is a 2.5 mile long peninsula and offers for a relaxed get-a-way vibe where biking is much easier than dirving and walking is a must for travel in the area. Add in the fact that the beach is within 10-15 minutes of the airport, Downtown and most major attractions and you can see why this area is a favorite for tourists and locals alike. 

There are a lot of great places to stay in San Diego but none can match the value and comfort you get by renting a vacation rental. San Diego beach vacation rentals continue to be popular with travelers and guests as they use beach condos, cottages and oceanfront homes to celebrate with family and friends along the boardwalk.

Mission Beach is one of the most popular beach communities in San Diego boasting a total of almost 6 miles of beach and boardwalk stretching on both sides of a peninsula that not only runs along the Pacific Ocean but also beautiful Mission Bay.

A day in Mission Beach San Diego

A day in Mission Beach San Diego

It’s pretty much a given that a visit to San Diego will be filled with fun, sun, and amusements galore. There are a few things you can do, however, to give your experience a little extra oomph. Especially if you’re a beach lover, you’ll find that reserving a vacation rental near the ocean in a place like Mission Beach will ensure that your vacation to San Diego is comfortable, convenient, and utterly cool.

Mission Beach is located smack dab in the middle of The Strand, San Diego’s finest stretch of coastline. This is a gathering place for tourists and locals who have the similar goals of playing games, frolicking in the surf, and generally living life like it was meant to be lived. Essentially, Mission Beach is a prime location for experiencing all that is entertaining about this delightful area of Southern California, so settling down here will keep you in touch with whatever you’d like to see and do while you’re here.

When planning a getaway, most travelers head straight for hotel listings, but it’s often a good idea to examine all possibilities before getting out your credit card. Off the beaten path, you never know what kind of gems, and value-friendly ones at that, you might discover.

If you’re traveling with a few people, renting a beach house with three bedrooms, an airy, open, living room, and all the amenities you’ve come to depend on at home will make this trip special and virtually stress-free. The waves will roll into your backyard and the ample windows provide great eastern views of sunrises and the San Diego skyline. A kitchen will keep you stocked with goodies and prepared to fix a few leisurely meals with the family, and the heated Jacuzzi bath tub will make the end of every day as relaxing and luxurious as can be.

Since the kids have been clamoring to head to Belmont Amusement Park, it’s a good thing that it’s only a five minute walk from your front door. Spend an afternoon riding the rollercoaster and catching a few thrills in the “The Plunge” swimming pool, attractions they’ll be telling their friends about for sure, and then walk back home for a snack, a nap, or a lazy day on the beach.

A short ride in the car will take you to all the other world-class attractions that San Diego is know for, including LegoLand, SeaWorld San Diego, The San Diego Zoo, golf courses, lighthouses, and so much more. Venture south a few miles and you’ll hit Tijuana, or stick to the states and explore Old Town San Diego for all the great food and shopping you can handle. Rent kayaks in La Jolla for an eco-tour, head out to sea for some deep-water fishing, or simply plop down on a towel with the goal of finishing up the latest bestseller.

The boardwalk in Mission Beach

The boardwalk in Mission Beach

San Diego definitely knows how to do luxury, so if your budget is wide open then you’ll find plenty of mansion-like estates to hole up in along Mission Beach. This is a place with options and history, however, so if you have less cash to spare you won’t be shut out. Cute-as-a-button cottages will allow you to cozy up with that special someone for a weekend of relaxation without having to go into debt, so be sure to spend a little time searching for the right place for you. Chances are it’s out there, just waiting to be discovered.

One thing most people know about San Diego is that it’s pretty dog-friendly. Happily, this feature extends to many vacation rentals as well, so check the rules before you make your reservations. Your furry family members don’t like to be left behind, and this trip, they may not have to be.

So if you’re a fan of vacation freedom, beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see, and near-constant 70 degree weather, then a stay in a Mission Beach Vacation Rentals may be right for you. Honestly, it’s probably right for just about anyone with a pulse, so deny yourself this pleasurable experience no longer. Go online to research your options, and make your way to this privileged place sometime soon.

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Mission Beach - San Diego's BEST beach!

Mission Beach - San Diego's BEST beach!

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