Arcade Games at Belmont Park San Diego with a 4 Year Old Video

A Trip To Belmont Park with
4 Year Old Uma


I love Belmont Park in Mission Beach. First of all the history of the place being built by sugar tycoon John D Spreckels, who spared no expense to make this place awesome when it opened in 1925. It was the cutting edge place to be with one of the best roller coasters, a dance hall, the worlds largest salt water swimming pool, lots of rides, food and of course the best beach on the planet as well (perhaps I am a bit biased:-) 

Add in the fact that the park has been constantly growing and getting better over the last 5-7 years after many years of dis-repair and empty vendor spots.

Belmont Park and the amusement park area has a ton of great rides for kids of all ages but last week when it was time to get away from the computer the rides were not going so we went into the Belmont Park arcade section which was a blast.

One quick note about Belmont Park is that they also have a very cool black light mini golf course and a new laser tag area which is fun. We went at 11:00AM on a Tuesday and in the summer the rides go everyday. In the winter it is slow and not opening until later in the days makes sense.

This trip however was to where the video games and arcade games were and by watching the video I am sure you will see why this is such a great place for big people and little people alike.

For any adults thinking about Belmont Park here are a couple reasons all my family members and out of town visitors with kids like it.

1. It is cheap – you can get the kids wrist bands for unlimited rides from 15-25 dollars all day depending on the size of the children.

2. Very little waiting in between rides – the kids can keep riding and riding with very little wait times in between rides – this makes it more fun

Belmont Park has the world famous “Giant Dipper Roller Coaster” along with some great rides for kids of all sizes – some of the newer rides are million dollar rides so the park is growing and putting in new high tech rides and things to do.

Check out Belmont Park and get wrist bands and discount tickets click here

Belmont Park is one of San Diego’s premier attractions and in addition to the rides there is everything to do at the beach and also the famous Wave House with the 10 foot man made waves. If you are like me and do not have any kids grab your borther or sisters or family friends and come make the trip to Belmont Park in Mission Beach.

Belmont Park and Mission Beach

Belmont Park and Mission Beach


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